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Custom Rim&Temple Material​​​​​​​
Custom Nose Pad Material​​​​​​​
This nose pad is also a movable nose pad with stipules. Nipple material silicone combination with metal. The metal part can be customized with brand logo. The silicone material is soft and comfortable to wear. The advantage of the type nose pad that is elastic, fits better, and is not easy to yellow.
Silicone + Metal
Pure titanium nose pads are a kind of fixed nose pads. The surface can be lasered with brand logos to enhance the taste of your spectacle frames. Its advantage is that it is very light overall and does not rust, which is especially suitable for those who are allergic to ordinary metals.
Pure Titanium
This nose pad is a movable nose pad with stipules. PVC material has good wear resistance and can play a better role in shock absorption.

PVC + Metal
The ceramic nose pad is a fixed nose pad made of ceramic material. Its advantage is that it is very light overall and anti-rust, especially suitable for those who are allergic to metal.

As a optical frame manufacturer, we not only provide ODM / OEM optical frame service, but also we have more than 2000+ models of optical frames in ready stock. Including acetate optical frame, metal optical frame,tr90 optical frame, titanium optical frame and so on.
So you can choose optical frame from our ready stock. You also can print brand logo on the temples or lenses of optical frames. It is a good way that you can save money and time to creat an custom optical frames.
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