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What is tr90 frame?

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What is tr90 frame?

Tr90 frame is mainly made from tr90 plastic material.

The material of tr90 frame

TR-90 is a polymer material with memory, and is the most popular ultra-light material to made glasses frames in the world. It is also called "(plastic titanium) ". It has super toughness, impact resistance and wear resistance, and low friction coefficient. The tr90 frames will not injuries to eyes and face when they breakage and friction.

The feature of tr90 frame

1. Light weight.

The tr90 frame is about half of the weight of the metal frame, 85% of the nylon frames,  making it more comfortable to wear.

2. Bright colors.

More vivid colors than ordinary plastic frames.

3. Impact resistance

More than 2 times that of nylon material,  effectively prevent eye damage caused by impact during sports.

4. High temperature resistance

The tr90 frame is not easy to deform and not easy to change color, which makes the frame wear longer.

5. Safety:

No chemical residue release, in line with European requirements for food-grade materials.


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