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What is rimless frame?

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What is rimless frame?

Rimless frame is one kind of glasses frames, the rimless glasses are directly supported lenes by the temples on both sides without the frame.

As you know, rimless frames were first popular eyewear style from the 1880s to the 1960s. And the rimless frame regained popularity in the early 21st century.

Material of rimless frame

Rimless frames are mainly made from nickel-copper alloy and memory titanium alloy frameless frame.

Advantage of rimless frame

1. Rimless frame glasses is more trendy now, it has a wide range option of color.

2. Rimless frame glasses are more comfortable to wear, which greatly relieves the pressure on your bridge of the nose and eyes.

3. Rimless frame glasses provide you a wider field of vision, there is no frame.

Rimless frames suitable for what face shape

Rimless frame glasses are mainly suitable for most face shapes such as round face, oval face, and square face.

What are rimless glasses called

Rimless glasses are also called semi rimless frames, semi frame glasses, half rim glasses, half frame glasses.


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