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What is acetate frame?

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What is acetate frame?

Acetate frame are mainly made from acetate sheet.

Composition of the acetate sheet

The acetate sheet are mainly including acetate fibers and propionate fibers. The propionate fibers are mainly used to made high-end acetate frames. Totay, most of the acetate frame are made from acetate fiber. Acetate fiber sheets are mainly two types, including injection molding and pressing and grinding.

The place of origin of the acetate sheet

As far as the origin of the acetate sheet is concerned, French and Italian acetate sheet are better, and Japanese ones are also relatively good. Many mid-to-high-end plate glasses are made of these high-quality acetate sheet.

Feature of the acetate frame

Lightweight, high hardness, good gloss.

Fashion design.

Durable, not easy to deform and change color.

A wide range styles of option.

The favorite glasses frames material of high-end fashion brands. 5. It has a certain degree of elasticity, and when it is slightly bent or stretched and then relaxed, the shape memory sheet will return to its original shape.

Acetate frame suitable for who guys

1. Acetate frames are suitable for fashionistas and students who pursue quality life, especially young women.

2. Acetate frames are also suitable for  people with high-number lenses, beacuse the frames is larger.


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