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What glasses frames are popular now?

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What glasses frames are popular now?

What glasses frames are popular now?

At the China Xiamen Optical Fair in 2022, Mr. Chen Yu had interpreted the fashion trend of glasses frames in 2023, who is the best womenswear designer in China at the China Fashion Awards.

What glasses are fashionable now?

He said that, on the one hand, the half-rimless optical frame, square spectacle drames, cat eye eyeglasses, colored metal glasses frame, oversized glasses frames and sporty glasses frame still popular in 2023 international fashion trend.

On the other hand, the combination of glasses frames with forest, nature, mirrors and industrial elements will become a new trend of glasses frame in 2023.

Glasses frame with Gothic 2.0 element

The mysterious, cold and dark and gorgeous atmosphere in the details of the glasses design will become a new focus.

Glasses frame with elegant element

The combination of simple and elegant suits and contoured glasses fully interprets the sophisticated lifestyle of modern urban women who are intellectual, elegant, fashionable and lively.

Glasses frame with retro neon element

Eye-catching fluorescence, eye-catching fluff, mutual penetration and reflection of color and material are similar to clothing and glasses.

Three-dimensional flowers on glasses frame

A large number of three-dimensional flower elements are used on the glasses, combined with deconstruction techniques to reorganize the details, breaking the planar design.

Glasses frame with nature elements.

The simple colors and patterns of nature can also attract countless eyes when used in the details of glasses frame.

Glasses frame with Lace up zipper element

Chains have been heavily used as embellishments to clothing and glasses, but their representation still deserves special attention as a trend.

Glasses frame with tooling element

The functional style design of the glasses comes with street rock attributes, which is an ideal choice for creating a tough retro look, creating a casual and free and easy attitude.


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