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What frame glasses should i get?

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What frame glasses should i get?

When choosing glasses frames, you could select within personal preferences and face shape.

If you pay more attention to matching, you can consistent with the style of dressing.

If you are more professional, you can wear a simple frame, which can add a certain charm.

Choose glasses frame according to the occasion

Rim-less glasses frames are suitable for professional managers.

Half-frame glasses frames are suitable for professors, doctors.

Full-frame glasses frames are more versatile and can be worn for daily casual wear.

Choose glasses frames according to different face shapes

Oval face is suitable for square eyewear frame, rectangular eyewear frame, round eyewear frame, oval eyewear frame, cat eye eyewear frame, oversized eyewear frame.

Square faces are suitable for round optical frame, oval optical frame, oversized optical frame.

Round faces are suitable for square eyeglasses frame, rectangular eyeglasses frame, oval eyeglasses frame.

Peach heart face is suitable for wearing rectangular glasses frame, round glasses frame, oval glasses frame.

The diamond-shaped face is suitable for wearing rectangular specs, oval specs, cat-eye specs.

Triangular face shape is suitable for wearing aviator spectacle, browline spectacle, cat eye spectacle.


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