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What are titanium glasses?

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What are titanium glasses?

What are titanium glasses?

The titanium glasses is made from titanium metal material. Titanium metal material is a high melting point, light material, strong corrosion resistance, and a strong electroplating layer.

Features of titanium glasses

1. Ttitanium glasses is light and comfortable

2. Titanium glasses is not easy to deform

3. Titanium glasses does not cause skin allergies

Different types of titanium glasses

Pure titanium glasses

Except for the screws and plastic feet tips, the metal parts of the glasses frame are all made of titanium metal material.

Combination titanium glasses

The combination titanium frame are made from titanium metal material with TR material, or titanium with acetate sheet. For example, titanium rim with TR temples, or acetate rim with titanium temples are popular glasses styles today.


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