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What are plastic eyeglass frames made of?

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What are plastic eyeglass frames made of?

What are plastic eyeglass frames made of?

According to the different physical and chemical properties of various plastics, there are mainly two plastic categories, thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics (resins). The plastics generally used to make eyeglass frames are mainly cellulose acetate, epoxy resin, and celluloid in thermosetting plastics.

Acetate glasses frame

The acetate glasses frame is stylish and fashionable, and it is ideal to match with clothing. It combines the thickness of the plate and the metal texture, reflecting the personality and style. The shape of the acetate glasses frame has both modern and classic features, with a streamlined frame and richly colored borders, perfect for a seamless combination.

Acetate sheets used for eyeglass frames, Itlay acetate sheets are the best in the world, followed by Japan acetate sheet.

TR90 spectacle frame

The surface of TR90 spectacle frame is lubricated, and it is lighter than other plastic spectacle frames. It is about half of the weight of the acetate glasses frame, and only 85% of the nylon glasses frames, which can reduce the burden on the bridge of the nose and ears. At the same time, TR90 is a memory polymer material, it has high elasticity, strong toughness, high strength, is not easy to break, which is a great idea for sports glasses frame , is very suitable for teenagers.

Celluloid glasses frame

The scientific name of celluloid is nitrocellulose, which is a kind of plastic. Celluloid was originally used to replace ivory billiard balls. Because of the high toughness of its material, it can be made " tortoiseshell spectacle frame" instand of a real tortoiseshell. But celluloid has a disadvantage that it is relatively flammable, is not suitable for industrialized large-scale production, was soon replaced by cellulose acetate. Now celluloid has become synonymous with handmade glasses.


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