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What are metal glasses made of?

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What are metal glasses made of?

The metal glasses frames are mainly made from nickel alloy, monel material, pure titanium, memory titanium alloy, B-titanium, 18K gold and so on.

1. Nickel alloy glasses frame

The nickel alloy glasses frame are mainly come in manganese-nickel alloy and nickel-chromium alloy, and the nickel content of this kind of glasses frame is as high as 80%. The high-nickel alloy glasses frame has strong corrosion resistance and relatively high elasticity. Today, 50% metal glasses are made from nicker alloy.

2. Monel metal glasses frame

It is mainly made of nickel-copper alloy, the nickel content is as high as 63%, and the copper content is about 28%. The monel metal glasses frame is corrosion resistance, high strength, and firm welding, and is the most popular for mid-range spectacle frames.

3. Pure titanium spectacle frame.

Titanium has a low specific gravity, is highly resistant to corrosion, and is twice as strong as steel. Moreover, pure titanium spectacle frames will not appear allergic conditions.

4. Memory titanium alloy glasses frame

This spectacle frame is a new type of alloy composed of nickel metal and titanium metal at a ratio of 1:1, which has good elasticity. Memory alloys exhibit shape memory properties below 0°C and are highly elastic between 0°C to 40°C.

5. B - Titanium Alloy Spectacle Frame

B-Titanium alloy refers to a special alloy made of 70% pure and almost 30% rare metals such as cobalt and chromium. It has good stability and will not cause skin allergies.

6. 18K gold glasses frame

Usually 18K gold, indicating that the content of pure gold 24K in the frame is 18/24.


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