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Top 6 Reading Glasses Manufacturer in Japan

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ALPHA CO., LTD. was established on February 27, 1982

Our management philosophy is to make as many people as possible familiar with eyeglasses.

For more than 50 years, eyeglasses and sunglasses have played a role not only as practical items, but also as fashion items.

People who wore eyeglasses and sunglasses as a fashion item when they were young naturally learned what suits them at that time.

From low-priced fashion glasses to polarized sunglasses that are effective outdoors,

We handle reading glasses for those who have difficulty seeing near objects, and prescription (corrective) frames that can be worn every day.

People who need glasses and sunglasses of all generations will be able to wear them without hesitation.

Every day I think about how I can help.


No.2 Anyccs, Inc.

Anyccs, Inc

Anyccs, Inc (3)

We mainly handle sunglasses and reading glasses that are cost-effective, and we also plan, produce, and sell miscellaneous goods for fall and winter such as stoles and gloves.

Our team's motto is creativity and innovation.

It is important to follow the trends of the times, but at the same time, we are always trying to create rare projects and products that "wish they existed, but they don't exist in the world!"

We will support you to live a rich and enjoyable life with your dreams.

Since our founding in 1990, we have put emphasis on foresight that is one step ahead of the times and innovative ideas that capture people's hearts, and have actively made proposals full of originality from planning to manufacturing and sales. .

Our corporate activities have been highly evaluated by a wide range of people in various fields, and we have been able to grow steadily until now and play a leading role in the industry.

We believe that such an evaluation can be said to be proof of the validity of the path we have taken and the trust we have gained through the accumulation of practices.

We will continue to be a company with a strong presence and permanence, and always propose products that are ahead of the times in order to meet the trust and expectations of everyone, seeking a further leap into a new era.

We look forward to your continued support for the worldwide company Enix Group, which develops products that meet the needs of the times and customers through flexible and bold challenges.





AOYAMA OPTICAL CO., LTD. was established in Aoyama Megane Shokai at 28-5 Tadasu-cho, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan in September 1964.

Our philosophy is that each and every employee of our company "helps people lead brighter and more comfortable lives through eyeglasses." We aim to be a company that acts with the constant awareness of providing

I am happy and proud to be able to create eyeglasses, an attractive product, and to be able to work in Sabae, which has the world's best eyeglass manufacturing technology.

For 50 years since our founding, we have been supported by our business partners in the Sabae production area, and have been patronized by customers in Japan and around the world. For the next 50 years, we will continue to deliver attractive glasses from Sabae to the world, and we will continue to move forward so that our company and everyone involved in our products can live a bright and comfortable life.


No. 4  Excel Optical Corporation

Excel Optical Corporation

Excel Optical Corporation (1)

1968.1 established Sasaki Optical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. at 1-chome Jinnakacho, Sabae City

Started production mainly of women's cell frames

Excel Glasses emphasizes quality improvement.

Including titanium frame, combination frame and functional frame,

We manufacture a wide variety of spectacle frames. It used to be a contract production factory, but now the design department

Since its launch, we have shifted to a company that can plan and propose OEM designs and ideas.

In addition, we have a history of creating new processing methods and honing our unique technology while investing in equipment.

Adhering to the attitude of evolving with the times, we can respond to a wide range of needs

Our strength is that we have both planning and development and manufacturing technology.


No. 5 Fujikon corporation

Fujikon corporation1

Fujikon corporation 1

We carry out everything from planning and proposals to manufacturing and sales of eyeglass frames, sunglasses, and senior glasses for apparel companies, eyeglass retailers, theme parks, and home centers. In addition to selling our own products, we also offer planning and development proposals for new products and proposals for sales floors. In reading glasses and sunglasses, we boast top-class market share in Japan, and the eyeglass frames we produced in 2015 won the Good Design Award.





For more than 70 years since our founding in 1947, we have been specializing in OEM eyeglass frames.

How much thought can be put into the completion of a single eyeglass frame? I believe that the finished product will surely change with the size of the thought that I put into it.

As an expert, we take pride in each and every product, and use the best possible technology to create products. We put our hearts into the design that the designer puts his heart into.

We never meet our users directly, but we make each one carefully and wholeheartedly while imagining the happy smiles of our users who receive our products.

We think the glasses are not just a tool for correcting vision.

From now on, from the products that we have worked on. I hope that various stories will be born.

What we are doing to realize a sustainable society

It has already started with the founding of Fukushima. Efforts to reduce waste as much as possible while using things carefully and repeatedly. The continuation of small things, such as recycling plastics and packing materials, has been handed down as if it were a matter of course. We are also proactively working on the use of biodegradable plastic products.



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