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How to remove sweat stains from glasses frames?

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How to remove sweat stains from glasses frames?

When we wear the acetate eyewear for a long time, the sweat will corrode the surface of glasses frame. 

There will be a layer of white sweat stains on the places that touch the skin the most, such as the temples, the bridge of the nose, etc.

We can remove sweat stains from glasses frames by polishing. After polishing and repairing, the glasses can reach about 90% new.

We also polish the surface of the glasses to resolve minor scratches.

This method is only suitable for acetate glasses frames, but not for metal glasses frame or TR90 glasses frame.

If you want to remove sweat stain on glasses frame, you can choose to buy polishing wax and wipe them repeatedly with a microfiber cloth. 

Or you can go to the local optical store, they can help you remove  sweat stains from your glasses frames.


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