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How to make glasses frames?

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How to make glasses frames?

The glasses frames production process is different of plastic glasses frame and metal glasses frame.

There are 10 main steps in making metal glasses frame.

Step 1. Make drawings

The first step in the production of a pair of glasses frames is to draw drawings, which are divided into three views and accessories. The three views are to be distributed to the production line. The accessories drawings are more accurate, the glasses frame more accuracy.

Step 2. Make mold

Proofing staff make accessories according to the data on the drawings.

Step3. Winding

First make the eye core mold and then put it into the automatic winding machine for winding.

Step4. Grinding of mold opening accessories

After the accessories are opened and produced, they should be polished to facilitate the subsequent welding process.

Step5. Bending

The temples must be bent before welding. It is a necessary process for each eyeglass frame.

Step6. Welding

The proofing staff shall weld the coiled wire, middle beam, golden spleen, pipe, clip and hinge according to the requirements of the drawings.

Step7. Polishing

The spectacle frame needs to be polished after welding. Polishing is generally split color and matte color.

Step8. QC inspection

Proofing staff check whether the polishing effect is qualified. If the polishing is not satisfactory, it needs to be re-polished.

Step9. Plating

The proofing staff adds color to the metal accessories according to customer requirements.

Step10. Assembling

The proofing staff assembles all the glasses parts.

There are 13 main steps in making plastic glasses frame.

Step1. Material injection

Step2. Edge grinding

Step3. Fine grinding

Step4. Buried hinges

Step5. Paste mud

Step6. Acetone-spray paint

Step7. Lock trims

Step8. Cutting

Step9. Printing

Step10. Installation

Step11. Adjustment

Step12. Cleaning


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