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How to fix broken glasses metal frame?

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How to fix broken glasses metal frame?

4 Steps to repairing broken metal frames glasses

First, we need to clean the broken surface of the spectacle frame. 

Then use a small file to smooth out the break, which will strengthen the bond.

Second, we need to determine whether to remove the lens first. 

In usual, we are not recommended to remove the lens.

Third, we squeeze a little glue, apply it to the newly cracked surface of the frame, and press lightly for five minutes. 

Then let the glasses sit for about 30 minutes to complete the first fit.

Finally, we repeatedly glue the broken part of the glass three or four times, and the glue is ready to use.

We recommended to replace the new glasses frame as soon as possible. 

Because this way is only a temporary repair and can be used in an emergency.


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