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How to Identify Pure Titanium Spectacle Frames?

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How to Identify Pure Titanium Spectacle Frames?

Titanium is extensively used in the glasses sector due to the fact that it is challenging to deform, discolor and also has solid stability. The phenomenon frame constructed from titanium can highlight noble preference and also elegant character. Spectacle frame made from titanium can be divided right into pure titanium, titanium alloy as well as β There are three type of titanium glasses frames. Today, we primarily would like to know concerning titanium alloy phenomenon frame as well as how to determine pure titanium frames.

Features of titanium alloy spectacle frame

1. Titanium alloy glasses frame has the benefits of low thickness, high toughness, good mechanical homes and solid rust resistance. The frame made of is really light in appearance and also is not easy to be rusted by moisture.

2. Nevertheless, because of the bad process efficiency of titanium alloy, cutting is really difficult, so the spectacle frame constructed from titanium alloy soaks up more chemical impurities such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon.

3. The anti-wear efficiency of titanium alloy is poor and also the production process is complicated. Consequently, each time this material is used to make spectacle frame, the price is reasonably high and also the handiwork is relatively complicated. Consequently, the rate is far more expensive than that of average phenomenon frame.

4. The glasses frame made of titanium alloy has very strong firmness and is not easy to fall off or harm the skin because its density is a lot lower than that of regular glasses structure

Distinction in between pure titanium spectacle structure and titanium alloy spectacle structure
1. Titanium alloy glasses frame is slightly heavier than pure titanium glasses structure, yet these two are high-grade products, so it feels a lot more comfortable from the appearance.

2. The glasses frame made from pure titanium will certainly not exposure to oxygen in vacuum cleaner throughout welding; The welding of titanium alloy frame (called area welding) produces traces like "incline", which is among one of the most reliable techniques to identify the two spectacle frames.

3. Pure titanium frame goes to the hinge as well as will not be in direct call with titanium; The titanium alloy spectacle frame will straight speak to titanium, which is simple to cause wrinkling at the joint as well as inadequate opening and closing of the mirror legs.

4. The certain gravity of pure titanium is typically 4.5, while that of titanium alloy is 8.9, which amounts half of that of titanium alloy. Therefore, the glasses frame made by hand is relatively light, which is the simplest way to distinguish both kinds of glasses frame.

5. Pure titanium spectacle frames are mainly made from 99% high-purity titanium, without various other materials; The mirror ring of titanium alloy glasses frame is mostly titanium alloy, which makes the suppleness of glasses better.

How to identify pure titanium frame
The first method to determine pure titanium phenomenon frame is the hand sensation measurement method
The 2nd means to determine pure titanium spectacle frames is to observe whether there is a gasket at the hinge joint?
The 3rd method to determine pure titanium phenomenon frame is to observe the welding point of nasal bracket stem and also nasal bracket box
The 4th way to recognize pure titanium glasses frame is to use magnet for magnetic reaction.


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