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High End Eyewear Frames

Size: 50-18-143
Gender: Unisex
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  • Levelnine

Frame Material Metal
Frame Shape Polygon
Hinge 2+1 Fixed Hinge
Size 50-18-143
OEM Serivce Customized logo in our stock High End Eyewear Frames, 50 Pcs will be ok
ODM Serivce Customized your brand name with your design, 500 PCS will be ok

High End Eyewear Frames - Black

High End Eyewear Frames - Silver&Black

High End Eyewear Frames - Gold

High End Eyewear Frames - Silver

High-end eyewear frames are frames that are designed and crafted with exceptional attention to detail, using premium materials and advanced technology. These frames are often considered a luxury item and can offer a range of benefits and features for the wearer.

Here are some features and benefits of high-end eyewear frames:

High-Quality Materials: High-end eyewear frames are made from premium materials such as titanium, acetate, and precious metals like gold and platinum, which provide durability and longevity.

Innovative Designs: High-end frames often feature innovative and unique designs, providing the wearer with a one-of-a-kind look and allowing them to express their personal style.

Comfort: High-end frames are designed with comfort in mind, providing a comfortable fit that does not cause discomfort or irritation to the wearer.

Advanced Technology: High-end frames may incorporate advanced technology such as adjustable temple tips, nose pads, and hinges to ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Brand Recognition: High-end frames are often associated with well-known luxury brands, providing the wearer with a sense of prestige and brand recognition.

Investment Value: High-end frames are typically considered an investment, as they are made with high-quality materials and designed to last for many years, making them a worthwhile purchase for the wearer.

Customization: High-end frames may offer customization options, allowing the wearer to tailor the frame to their specific needs and preferences.

Overall, high-end eyewear frames offer a range of benefits and features that can provide the wearer with durability, comfort, style, and brand recognition. However, they are often more expensive than other frames, so it's important to consider your budget and personal preferences before making a purchase.



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