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Big Square Frame Glasses

Size: 50-19-145
Gender: Unisex
  • 83451
  • Levelnine
Frame Material Metal
Frame Shape Oversize square
Hinge 2+1 Fixed Hinge
Size 50-19-145
OEM Serivce Customized your brand name in our stock Big Square Frame Glasses, 50 Pcs will be ok
ODM Serivce Customized your brand name with your design, 500 PCS will be ok

Big Square Frame Glasses - Black

Big Square Frame Glasses- Gold

Big Square Frame Glasses - Balck&Silver

Big Square Frame Glasses - Silver

Big square frame glasses have several advantages:

Fashionable and on-trend: Big square frame glasses are a popular style that can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. They are often associated with a retro or vintage aesthetic, and can make a bold statement.

Versatile: Big square frame glasses can be worn by people of all ages and for a variety of occasions, from formal events to everyday wear. They can also be suitable for a variety of face shapes, particularly those with round or oval faces.

Comfortable: Big square frame glasses often have a wide frame that can provide a comfortable fit and prevent the glasses from slipping down the nose.

Good for progressive lenses: Big square frame glasses have a wide lens area that can be beneficial for people who require progressive lenses or have a higher prescription.

Protection from the sun: Many big square frame glasses come with tinted lenses that can provide protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Overall, big square frame glasses can be a stylish and practical choice for those in need of eyewear. They can provide comfort, versatility, and protection while also making a bold fashion statement.