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Are rimless glasses lighter than titanium frames?

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We can't simply say whether the rimless glasses are heavy or the titanium frame is heavy。

The weight of the glasses frame is related to the glasses material and rim shape.  

First of all, the titanium frame is the lighter type of all the frame materials.

Secondly, let’s talk about the rim shape of glasses. 

Under the same conditions, the full-rim frame is the heaviest, the second is the half-rim frame, and the lightest is the rimless frame.  

When we select eyeglasses, we should select the appropriate frame style according to our actual situation.

If the eye degree is high

IU Eywear do not recommend the larger eyeglasses frame. 

Because the large eyeglases frame not only makes the lenses thick and unsightly, but also is heavy, and it is not comfortable to wear at all.

IU Eywear also do not recommend to use rimless frames. 

Because the edges of the lenses are exposed and thick, and rimless lenses are easily damaged.

If the degree of glasses is not high

There are not so many restrictions on the choice of frames. You can select the glasses frame what you like.


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