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6 Things You Need to Know About Acetate Glasses Frame

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1. Composition of acetate glasses frame

Most of the acetate glasses frame's components are acetate fibers, and a few high-end acetate glasses frames are propionate fibers. Acetate fiber sheets are divided into injection molding and pressing and grinding types. As you know, the injection molding type is poured with a mold, but most of them are acetate glasses frame that are pressed and polished.

2. The origin of high-quality acetate sheet

France and Italy have better acetater sheet materials, and Japan is also relatively good. Many mid-to-high-end sheet metal glasses are made of these high-quality sheets, so the quality is more trustworthy.

3.  Who are suitable for wearing acetate glasses frame

The majority of fashion people and students who pursue quality life especially love acetate glasses frame, especially young women.

4. Advantages of acetate glasses frame

The acetate glasses frame is fashionable and easy to match with clothing. It combines thick plate and metal texture to reflect personality and style. The shape of the frame has both modern and classic features, with a streamlined frame and richly colored borders, perfect for a seamless combination.

5. Disadvantages of acetate glasses frame

Compared with metal and titanium glasses frames, acetate glasses frames are easily deformed when worn for a long time.

6.  How to distinguish acetate glasses frame from plastic glasses frame

Acetate glasses frames with obvious cut marks on the temples. But the temples of plastic glasses frames have a smooth surface.


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