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5 Top Acetate Optical Frames Manufacturers in The World

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5 Top Acetate Optical Frames Manufacturers in The World

Acetate optical frames are a popular choice for eyewear due to their durability, lightweight feel, and versatility in terms of design. As a result, there are numerous manufacturers around the world that produce these frames for both their own brand names and for other eyewear companies. In this essay, we will take a closer look at acetate optical frames manufacturers and the factors that contribute to their success in the eyewear industry.

One of the key factors that contribute to the success of acetate optical frames manufacturers is their ability to innovate and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. This means investing in research and development to create new materials and production techniques, as well as keeping a close eye on fashion trends to ensure that their frames are always in style. Many of the top acetate optical frames manufacturers have dedicated teams of designers and engineers who work together to create frames that are both functional and fashionable.

Another important factor in the success of acetate optical frames manufacturers is their ability to build strong relationships with their customers. This means listening to their needs and concerns, responding quickly to any issues that arise, and providing excellent customer service. Companies that excel in these areas are able to build a loyal customer base that will continue to buy their products for years to come.

Today, we'll be taking a look at 5 of the top acetate optical frames manufacturers in the world. We’ll also be giving you an overview of each company so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

1. Safilo Group

2. Europa Eyewear

3. Sama Eyewear

4. Shuron

5. Ogi Eyewear

6. In Conclusion

Safilo Group

Safilo Group a TOP acetate optical frames manufacturers in Italian. It produces high-end eyewear including acetate frames for many designer brands such as Dior, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs.

Safilo Group has been in business for over 80 years, and its expertise in the eyewear industry is evident in the quality of its acetate frames. The company uses a combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to produce its frames, ensuring that each one is of the highest quality and meets the specific needs of its customers.

Today, Safilo Group is a major player in the eyewear market in the design, production and distribution of sunglasses, optical frames, sports helmets and goggles and sports glasses. Their eyewear collections are the result of a long tradition of craftsmanship, allowing them to interpret today’s fashion trends and stay ahead of global ones.

Safilo Group's goals guide them in daily choices: we aspire to be a partner of trust and one of the leading Italian eyewear manufacturers on a global scale. We aim to create long-lasting value and shared well being, which can be achieved through choices that interpret and express people’s new needs. These needs are always at the heart of our mission, which is also deeply connected to caring for our planet and our commitment to the products we bring into the world. We cultivate responsible, long-term partnerships based on trust to create mutual value and continue to exceed our own and our stakeholders’ expectations. The human value of the skills that have guided us and set us apart from the very beginning marks the path towards where we want to go: a sustainable global leader.

Founder: Guglielmo Tabacci

Founded: 1934

Headquarters: Padua, Italy

Main Products: prescription frames, sunglasses, sports glasses, ski goggles and helmets

Factory Picture:

Safilo Group

Europa Eyewear

Europa Eyewear is one of the TOP acetate optical frames manufacturers in U.S. It produces a wide range of eyewear products including acetate optical frames, metal frames, and sunglasses. Europa Eyewear has become a leading supplier of high-quality eyewear products to retailers and distributors around the world.

Over the past 40 plus years, the Europa Family has continued to grow, but the principles on which we were founded have not changed. Support independence. Help customers grow their business - that's how we grow. Build friendships, not contacts. lt's incredible to think that those original six frames were the seeds for our eleven independent eyewear brands and our first of-its-kind American eyewear factory.

Independence is in Europa Eyewear’s DNA. You can chalk that up to the fact that Europa Eyewear is still owned and operated by its founding family, but it goes further than that. lt's a deep-seated belief that they share with independent-minded eye care professionals and eyeglass wearers - that independent offices are vital parts of their communities.

One of the key strengths of Europa Eyewear is its ability to offer a wide range of frame styles and designs. The company produces frames under various brand names including Scott Harris, Cote D'Azur, and Bogner, each with its own unique aesthetic. The frames are available in a variety of materials including acetate, metal, and TR-90, a lightweight and durable plastic material. Europa Eyewear's frames are designed to appeal to a broad range of consumers, from those looking for classic, timeless designs to those seeking more modern and trendy styles.

Founder: Scott Shapiro

Main Products: Acetate optical frames, Metal frames, Sunglasses

Team Picture:

Europa Eyewear

Sama Eyewear

Sama Eyewear is a populare acetate optical frames manufacturers based in America. The company produces high-end acetate frames under its own brand name. The company's frames are designed for people who want to make a statement with their eyewear, and they often feature bold colors and unique patterns. Sama Eyewear's frames are handmade in Japan using a combination of traditional and modern techniques, ensuring that each frame is a work of art in its own right.

Sama Eyewear is proud of its many design and manufacturing firsts including the introduction of 100% pure titanium to the optical industry. Sama Eyewear uses only the finest materials (Japanese zyl acetate, titanium, precious metals, precious and semi-precious gems, Swarovski® crystals, and nickel-free plating) and lens technologies (optical glass, CR-39 plastic, precious metals, photochromic , gradient, multi-gradient, polarized, and gradient polarized), and manufactures, assembles and hand-finishes all of its eyewear collections in Japan for a level of quality unachievable anywhere else on Earth.

Sama Eyewear is the favorite brand of countless superstars and international jet-setters. You can see Sama Eyewear models in many movies, like Iron Man 2' Focus, Draft Day, Deception, Moneyball, Baywatch and so on.

Founder: Sheila Vance

Main Products: Acetate frames, Titanium frames

Factory Picture:



Shuron is a family-owned acetate optical frames manufacturers that was founded in 1865 in the United States. The company has a long history of producing high-quality eyewear products, including acetate optical frames, metal frames, and sunglasses. Shuron Ltd. has become known for its classic, timeless designs, as well as its commitment to quality and customer service.

Today, Shuron remains a stable force in the ever changing optical industry by producing quality frames manufactured with the best raw materials. Names that have survived the test of time like the Ronsir, Icebreakers, Ronwinne, Freeway, Nulady, and many more continue the classic tradition of Shuron. The availability of Shuron's classic frames along with the new additions of the Regis collection, Convertible collection and the automotive division have Shuron poised to be successful in the new millennium.

Founder: Charles Whitehill

Main Products: Acetate optical frames, Metal frames, Sunglasses

Factory Picture:


Ogi Eyewear

Ogi Eyewear is a U.S.-based acetate optical frames manufacturers that specializes in producing innovative, fashion-forward eyewear products. Founded in 1997 by David Spencer and Joe Tallier, Ogi Eyewear has become known for its unique designs and commitment to quality.

OGI Eyewear is a design house first, an innovator with a proven record of setting industry standards, of working with top tier manufacturers and suppliers to create new eyewear designs that stay ahead of the trends.

They releases are frequent, distinct, and tell a consistent story without overlapping existing styles across Brands. Each one of our Brands tells a unique story that identify and serve a captive audience.Think durable, handcrafted frames designed to appeal to a diverse range of lifestyles so your clients can connect with the perfect piece instead of feeling shoehorned into a more generalized look.

Founder: David Spencer and Joe Tallier

Main Products: Acetate optical frames, Metal frames, Sunglasses

Team Picture:


In Conclusion, acetate optical frames manufacturers play an important role in the eyewear industry, producing frames that are both stylish and functional. Whether they are large companies like Safilo Group and smaller niche players like Sama Eyewear, these manufacturers have a deep understanding of the materials and processes involved in producing high-quality acetate frames.

IU EYEWEAR is a high quality acetate optical frames manufacturer in China who has 20 years of experience. We have advanced production techniques, and a well-developed supply chain, ensuring high-quality acetate optical frames. We offers a wide range of design options, styles, and customization possibilities, allowing buyers to find the perfect optical frames to meet your needs and preferences.

We have more than 3000 models optical frames in stock. Whether you want purchase small quantities for your own retail stores, or you bulk buy optical frames for wholesale business. It is beneficial for eyewear businesses of varying sizes, allowing you to place orders based on market demand.

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