About Us

Experience since 1999

Our company has been the leading provider of bike rental servicesto residents and guests of the USA since 1999.When Ride was founded, several American cities have already been among the leaders of global cycling centers.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the highest quality bike rentals, guided tours, maintenance, and repair to tourists, guests, and residents of the USA in almost all states.

Our History

Beginning 2006

We started to provide top-notch bike rental services for our clients.

Improvements 2007

We greatly increased the level of customer service and the range of bikes.

National Recognition 2017

In 2017, we were recognized as the No.1 bike rentals provider in the US.

Guided Bike Tours with Ride

If you enjoy traveling with a group, meeting new people, and having a guide and structured daily schedule, then a guided group bike tour is probably the best fit for you.

Eco Standards

Here are our environmental certificates that regulate the standards of our environmental cooperation.


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