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What are ultem glasses?

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What are ultem glasses?

Ultem glasses are made of polyetherimide (PEI) materials produced by General Motors of the United States. The plastic steel material were used in the aviation field. Koreans eyeglasses designers were first applied this material to the glasses frames industry. Compare with the other materials of glasses frames, the ultem glasses frames are lighter and more flexible.

Ultem glasses frame is made of memory ultem plastic . It has the super memory of memory alloy frame, and also is one kinds of the most flexible optical frame. Compared with TR90 glasses frame, the ultem glasses frame are much stronger.

Advantages of ultem glasses

1. The ultem glasses frame has a metallic texture and a more high-grade and elegant appearance.

2. The ultm glasses frame is light, and the weight of each ultem glasses frame is only about 9 grams, which is only one third of the metal glasses frames.

3. The ultem glasses frame has strong flexibility.

4. The ultem glasses frame is as thin as steel sheet.

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