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Main Metal Materials Kinds of Glasses Frame?

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Commonly made use of materials for spectacle frameworks are usually divided right into metal materials, plastics and artificial materials (including natural products), and also blended products. Steel products are divided into stainless-steel as well as nickel alloy. Today we mainly presents stainless steel as well as nickel alloy amongst the metal products of the spectacle frame.

The metal glasses frame describes the frame made from metal materials as the main part of the frame body. Metal materials have long been made use of in glasses frame, generally through the growth of copper alloys (brass, white copper) → stainless steel → nickel alloys → pure titanium → titanium alloys → form memory alloys.

Stainless steel glasses frame

Stainless steel glasses frame is an alloy product consisting of iron, chromium, and nickel. The main aspect to be added is chromium, which is typically 12% ~ 38%. Nickel, iron, and other aspects can additionally be added. It's a special steel with corrosion resistance and high flexibility, which is usually utilized as an edge wire as well as screw. At the same time, because of its excellent mechanical properties (particularly high tensile stamina), technical efficiency, and also financial efficiency. It has actually become a newly created glasses frame product, but its cutting performance and also welding performance are a little inadequate.

Nickel alloy glasses frame

When nickel alloy materials are made use of for glasses frame profiles, they are also called memory alloy materials. It's an alloy material made from metal nickel as the matrix as well as added with copper, iron, manganese, as well as other aspects. Monel alloy product has great corrosion resistance and is silver white, which appropriates for making glass side wire material.


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