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Frame Eye Glasses

Size: 53-17-142
Gender: Unisex
  • LM6018
  • LM

Frame Material Acetate
Frame Shape Rectangle
Hinge Spring Hinge
Size 53-17-142
OEM Serivce Customized your brand in Frame Eye Glasses, 50 Pcs will be ok
ODM Serivce Customized Frame Eye Glasses with your design, 500 PCS will be ok

Frame Eye Glasses

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Frame Eye Glasses_color

Frame Eye Glasses_feature

Frame eye glasses refer to eyeglasses that have a frame around the lenses. The frame holds the lenses in place and is attached to the temples and the bridge of the glasses, which sit on the wearer's nose. Frame eyeglasses come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors, making it easy for people to find a pair that suits their personal taste and needs.

One of the advantages of frame eye glasses is that they provide a wide range of options for those who wear glasses. They can be made from materials such as metal, acetate, or plastic, and come in different shapes and sizes to fit different face shapes and sizes. Additionally, frame eye glasses can be customized with different lens types and coatings to suit different visual needs and preferences.

Another advantage of frame eyeglasses is that they can be a fashion accessory, adding style and personality to an outfit. Different frame styles can convey different looks, from classic to trendy, and can be matched with different clothing styles and colors. Additionally, frame eyeglasses can be a statement piece, with bold colors, patterns, or embellishments that add an eye-catching element to the wearer's look.

Overall, frame eye glasses provide a functional and fashionable option for those who need corrective eyewear. With so many options to choose from, it's easy to find a pair that meets both visual needs and personal style preferences.

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