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Advantages Of Titanium Frames?

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Advantages Of Titanium Frames?

High solidity, Excellent adaptability, Long-lasting use is not warped, really light, and also does not fade. Titanium metal has the impact of supporting current on the human body and also relieving muscle tension. It is very easy to loosen up the spirit as well as slowly kick back the muscles. Titanium is 48% lighter than average metal frames, and also has solid durability, acid as well as alkali resistance, rust resistance, high stability, high stamina, good flexibility, etc. It is ergonomic, and titanium is non-toxic to the human body. No radiation.

Individuals There is a weak current flowing in the body, and the info transmission from the brain to the entire body and from the whole body to the brain is all based on the circulation of existing. In fact, the current of the body has remained in a state of complication, and also the outcome frequently causes numerous signs and symptoms or issues such as exhaustion, muscle mass stiffness, as well as soreness. Pure titanium has special existing characteristics, which can direct electronic changes to produce ions, so that the present has a tendency to be ionized; as well as positive and also unfavorable ions can promptly adjust the negative impacts of electro-magnetic waves triggered by the condition of the body's biological present, as well as have valuable physical results on the human body. Individuals deal with psychological stress and external ecological pressure, particularly there are numerous non-ionizing radiation electro-magnetic waves in the atmosphere.


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